Bosch PUE611BB5B Series 4 Induction hob 60cm Black

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Good to know

- Selecting settings is easy thanks to the TouchSelect controls
- PowerBoost provides superfast heating, perfect when you're boiling water
- ReStart saves the last used settings for a short time so you can jump back to the same settings if you switch it back on soon after
- Induction cooking heats the pan rather than the hob, so it's quicker, safer and more energy efficient

ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION: This product can be plugged into a standard 13 Amp socket.


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Induction hob
Induction hob
The Induction hob: Faster than gas and ceramic hobs, induction is easier to clean and more energy efficient.
  • Plug & Play: plugs easily into the socket.
  • TouchSelect: Selection of the desired cooking zone and easy setting of the desired power level.
  • PowerBoost: up to 50% more power for faster heating on your induction hob.
  • QuickStart: start straight away and select the desired cooking level.
  • Restart: restores cooktop settings in case of an unintentional cooktop switch-off.
No need for an electrician to make changes to electric wiring.
Plug & Play induction hobs are easily installed into an existing plug socket. It’s worth noting that as these products are plugged into mains electric, the nominal power is limited to 3.7kW. This means when cooking with more than two pots at the same time, the hob triggers an automatic power management, which may be inconvenient for large households that frequently cook larger meals with many pots at the same time. For higher power output, please select a hob without plug/with fixed wiring.
With our control elements, you have everything under control
With our control elements, you have everything under control
With the TouchSelect control you can regulate the desired cooking zone easily. Simply select the power level you need.
Speed up your cooking.
Speed up your cooking.
When you want to get quick and easy meals on the table even faster, PowerBoost can help. This practical feature adds a boost of power for ultra-quick heating. Use it on your induction hob to boil large quantities of water – and heat almost 35% faster compared to the highest power level.
Cookings starts much faster.
Cookings starts much faster.
The QuickStart function detects where you have placed the pot and automatically displays the corresponding cooking zone on the control interface. You can get started straight away and select the desired cooking level for your pot without delay.
Stores your control settings.
Stores your control settings.
If you turn off the cooktop it saves the last selected setting for a short time. If the cooktop is switched of within a short time again the former settings are still available.
The handy ChildLock locks the control panel.
The handy ChildLock locks the control panel.
The handy ChildLock locks the control panel to prevent accidental changes in settings.
Faster cooking, reduced energy consumption. This is Induction.
Faster cooking, reduced energy consumption. This is Induction.
Induction hobs generate heat only where it is needed – in the base of the pan. What does this mean for you? More safety and more convenience. The lower temperature keeps both big and little hands safe from burning. Not only that, but an induction hob brings two litres of water to a boil twice as fast as a glass-ceramic hob, which also saves a great deal of energy.

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