HAIER HSOBPIF9183 American-Style Fridge Freezer - Black

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This is a so-called side-by-side fridge freezer, where the fridge and freezer stands vertically next to each other. Side-by-side first became popular in America but is getting all the more popular in Europe. This should work well for larger households. Since the fridge has a volume of 337 litres there will be plenty of space for even a larger family. This model has been given an F energy rating.

  • Can stay cool for 5 hours in case of power outage
  • Built-in LED lighting
  • 178 centimetres high
  • Glass shelves
  • No frost

If you're sound sensitive, then we can tell you that this fridge freezer has a measured noise level of 40 decibels. For comparison, a normal speaking level is usually about 60 decibels and an average vacuum cleaner has an 80-decibel noise level. For further info, the sound is about ten times higher for every tenth decibel.

This fridge is recommended for households with at least three people, given its 337 litre volume. A rule of thumbs is that you need about 100 litres per person.

If an accident occurs and you're out of power, then no need to panic right away. This fridge freezer can hold its temperature for 5 hours, provided you don't open and close it too much.

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